The "knock your socks off" ice plant. The name ice plant is misleading, since these hardy succulent type ground covers can take the heat over and over again. Delosperma is drought tolerant, low maintenance, and deer resistant. Use as many colors as you can for a "tapestry" effect. Look for 'Alan's Apricot', 'Table Mountain', Firespinner' and any of the Granitas.

They spread rapidly up to 12 inches across, and only 3-4 inches tall. If they start looked ragged or ratty, prune them up around the edges, snip out any dead spots. Do NOT overwater.
Pikes Peak Penstemon Penstemon mexicali Pikes Peak Purple
18-24 inches tall and 18 inches wide, full sun, drought tolerant. Prune back the stems after the first blush of bloom. It will bloom again a couple times throughout the summer.

Penstemon like well draining soil so no clay. If possible, top dress the plant with a handful of sand, grit or arborist's chips.